Join More than 1,000 Organizations in Protecting and Expanding the National Housing Trust Fund

More than 1,000 national, state, and local organizations have signed onto NLIHC’s letter urging Congress to protect and expand the national Housing Trust Fund (HTF), which President Trump proposed to eliminate in his FY18 budget. While a copy of the letter has been delivered to all members of Congress, there is still time for organizations concerned about homelessness and the lack of affordable homes to sign onto the national HTF letter before an updated version is sent to Capitol Hill later in the budget process.

The HTF is the first new housing resource in a generation exclusively targeted to help build and preserve housing affordable to people with the lowest incomes, including those who are homeless. Congress must protect the HTF from the administration’s attack and instead significantly increase its funding to address the critical affordable housing needs of the lowest income renters in every community in the U.S.

Sign the letter urging Congress to protect and expand the HTF and share it with your networks.

The letter with the current list of signatories is at:

Contact your Congressional delegation directly at: