Join SAVE for All Letter Urging President and Congress to Protect and Assist Low Income People

The Strengthening America’s Value and Economy (SAVE) for All Campaign is circulating a coalition letter urging Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to support policies that protect and assist low income and vulnerable people, invest in broadly shared economic growth and jobs, increase revenues from fair sources, and seek savings by reducing waste in defense spending and elsewhere.

The letter reads in part:

“We call upon you to make investments of proven effectiveness . . . and to reject policies and language that demean and discriminate against race, gender, immigrant status, disability or religion. . . .We also call upon you to make the economy work for all by investing in our infrastructure and our people. We must invest in the work of rebuilding public housing and schools, roads, water systems, and public transit that protect health and safety and meet the needs of a modern economy. Further, we should give priority to low-income communities most in need, including communities of color, and hire from those communities. . . . We strongly urge you to choose shared prosperity and fairness and to reject cuts that leave millions of Americans behind. We stand ready to support actions consistent with the SAVE for All principles and to oppose proposals that worsen inequality and harm low-income people.”

SAVE for All is a coalition of national, state and local advocacy groups, service providers, faith-based organizations, policy experts, and labor and civil rights groups working to protect important services from harmful federal budget cuts and to save the federal capacity to spur economic recovery and progress for the benefit of all.

The deadline to sign onto the letter is January 5.

Read the coalition letter at:

Sign onto the coalition letter at: