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Join Sign-On Letter by April 13 Urging Robust Funding for Affordable Housing Programs in FY19

Sign onto a national letter urging Congress to provide robust funding for critical affordable housing programs in FY19.  Over the last year, advocates throughout the country urged members of Congress not only to reject President Trump’s call to slash affordable housing investments but to provide much-needed increases in funding. As a result, advocates, resident leaders, and Congressional champions achieved a 10% increase in federal investments in HUD’s programs in FY18 - funding that will directly translate into more affordable homes for the lowest income people. 

This achievement was an important step forward — but there is still much more to do. Let’s build on the momentum of this year’s funding victory to carry it into the next. President Trump continues to propose huge cuts to housing benefits that help struggling seniors, people with disabilities, families with children, and other populations keep roofs over their heads.

Take action to oppose President Trump’s proposal to cut housing benefits in FY19.

Sign onto a national letter urging Congress to oppose the president’s proposed cuts and to increase funding for affordable housing programs. Last year, more than 3,400 national, state, and local organizations and governments signed a similar letter urging robust funding for affordable housing programs. Sign onto this year’s letter about the FY19 spending bills by the April 13  deadline. Read and sign onto this year's letter here.