Join Today’s (12/5) “Tenant Talk Live” Webinar for Renters and Resident Leaders for Debriefing about White Housing Meeting on Tenant Protections and Affordability

NLIHC will host a session of “Tenant Talk Live” – a webinar with and for renter and resident leaders – today, December 5, at 6 pm ET. During the webinar, NLIHC staff will be joined by members of NLIHC’s Tenant Leader Cohort who recently met with White House officials to discuss tenant protections and housing affordability. Register for today’s webinar at:

On Monday, November 14, members of NLIHC’s Tenant Leader Cohort attended a meeting at the White House regarding tenant protections and housing affordability. Cohort members were joined by other people with lived expertise, legal aid advocates who have worked directly with impacted people, advocates, and researchers. Diane Yentel, NLIHC President and CEO, also attended the White House meeting alongside members of the cohort.

The goal of the meeting was to inform the development of the Biden-Harris administration’s policy for tenant protections. Members of the cohort shared five key concerns with the administration during the meeting: (1) addressing past and current inequalities by incorporating racial and disability equity in all aspects of policymaking; (2) rebalancing the power between landlords and tenants and holding landlords and institutions accountable; (3) ensuring tenant representation by having tenants present for every decision made about housing; (4) prioritizing housing that is deeply affordable and accessible for people with the lowest incomes and greatest needs, especially through rental assistance, the national Housing Trust Fund, and public housing; and (5) increasing resources to help low-income people become homeowners and maintain homeownership and financial stability.

The upcoming session of Tenant Talk Live will take the form of a fireside chat with some of those who attended the White House event to hear more about their experience, what they learned, and next steps for tenant advocates.

Remember: Tenant Talk Live would not be possible without tenants like you! We strive to engage with tenants and tenant leaders through our webinars. Please e-mail [email protected] with any feedback.    

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