Join Today’s (2/5) “Tenant Talk Live” for Tenants Aspiring to Become Public Officials

Join NLIHC’s “Tenant Talk Live,” a meeting geared toward tenant and resident leaders, today, February 5, at 6 pm ET. This election year, many tenants are actively engaging in campaigns and mobilizing voters, while others may be interested in becoming public officials. Whether you are considering a role in public office or simply wish to learn more about what being an elected representative involves, the upcoming meeting is for you! Register here to join today’s “Tenant Talk Live” to connect with tenant leaders who will share their experiences serving as local commissioners in their communities. 

Today’s meeting will include a recorded interview with Zella Knight, president emeritus of Resident United Network and tenant commissioner with the Los Angeles County Development Authority. Zella aims to keep those with lived experience and expertise at the center of policymaking and to ensure a permanent seat for these advocates at the decision-making table. As a forever advocate in the intersectional areas of housing, health, education, and social and racial justice, Zella seeks to acknowledge social ills and provide comprehensive solutions to eliminate the barriers and obstacles – such as institutional and systemic racism, sexism, disability bias, gender bias, and economic bias (e.g., source-of-income discrimination) – that hinder access to affordable, safe, habitable housing for all.

The session will also include a live Q&A session with Atlanta Housing Commissioner Miracle Fletcher. Miracle Fletcher is an Atlanta native with a professional background in education, mental health services, and case management. She is a mother, advocate, and organizer who is driven by her personal experiences to improve her community. Miracle’s tireless advocacy work has been influenced by her encounters with homelessness, racial profiling, and inequitable access to healthcare, education, and other resources. Through her work, Miracle strives to create policies that protect people and promote equity within her community.

Tenants interested in actively participating in NLIHC’s election engagement initiatives can find more information through the Our Homes, Our Votes campaign. Explore the website’s collection of previous Tenant Talk publications and meetings, which offer valuable insight into nonpartisan voter and candidate engagement. This information can be accessed at:

If you are committed to narrowing the voter gap between tenants and homeowners, consider becoming an affiliate of the group by visiting Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Our Homes, Our Votes 2024 webinar series by signing up for NLIHC e-mails and keeping an eye out for dates and registration details.

“Tenant Talk Live” meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 6 pm ET. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can view past Tenant Talk Live recordings on our working group webpage. To stay up to date on “Tenant Talk Live” events and connect with other attendees, join the Tenant Talk Facebook group.

“Tenant Talk Live” would not be possible without tenants like you! We strive to connect and engage with residents and tenant leaders through our meetings. If you are a low-income tenant and have a topic you would like to propose for an upcoming “Tenant Talk Live,” or if you would like to participate as a speaker on an upcoming call or meeting, please email: [email protected]. Meetings like “Tenant Talk Live” also depend on the support of our members. Become an NLIHC member here!