Join Today’s Tenant Talk Live Webinar for Renters and Tenant Leaders on Disaster Housing Recovery

Join NLIHC’s Tenant Talk Live webinar with and for renter and resident leaders today, November 1 at 6 pm ET (5 pm CT, 4 pm MT, and 3pm PT) for an overview of disaster housing recovery resources for renters. Register for today’s webinar at:

The increase of natural disasters is a concern for renters looking to maintain safe, stable, and affordable housing. Federal agencies like FEMA have historically neglected the needs of low-income renters, leaving many households with limited hope of remaining stably housed after disasters. In recent years, FEMA has neglected to implement the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) to help survivors recover from a disaster. Without DHAP, renters are not provided longer-term rental assistance and supports they need, and they must fend for themselves with other resources. This month’s Tenant Talk Live will focus on what disaster housing recovery means and the resources available for survivors of disasters. We will be joined by disaster recovery advocates and NLIHC staff who will share policy and research updates.

NLIHC is the leader of the Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition (DHRC), which works to ensure federal disaster recovery efforts reach the lowest-income and most marginalized people and communities, often the hardest-hit by disasters. Composed of more than 850 national, state, and local organizers, the DHRC encourages Congress, FEMA, and HUD to work together getting federal disaster recovery resources reach all impacted households. Click here to learn more about the DHRC and how to become a DHRC member.

Tenant Talk Live is an opportunity for renters to share their experiences and identify opportunities to make a change in their communities. NLIHC is committed to connecting and engaging with resident leaders in new, robust ways. If you are a low-income resident and have a topic you would like to propose or if you want to be a speaker on an upcoming call/webinar, email: [email protected]

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