Keep the Pressure On: Join #GetBackToWork Tweetstorm on September 9 at 1 pm ET

The Senate will be back in session next week. On September 9 from 1 – 2 pm ET join NLIHC, the Coalition on Human Needs, and other advocates for a #GetBackToWork tweetstorm. Tell Congress that housing stability during and after this pandemic cannot wait. Congress must immediately pass a coronavirus relief bill that includes the essential resources and protections for America’s lowest-income renters and people experiencing homelessness included in the “HEROES Act.”

Without immediate action by Congress, 30 to 40 million renters are at risk of losing their homes by the end of the year. Even before expanded unemployment benefits and the federal eviction moratorium expired at the end of July, 1 in 5 adults were behind on rent. Experts estimate that renters already owe $25 billion in back rent and could owe as much as $70 billion by the end of the year – an amount they cannot possibly pay back. Time has run out for millions of families across the country, and Congress must take action now to keep millions of families stably housed.

Below are sample tweets. Sample images are available at:

  • 30-40M people are at high risk of losing their homes. Congress needs to #GetBacktoWork, pass legislation to provide #COVIDRelief NOW & keep families from facing eviction
  • Time has run out for families across the U.S. scraping together resources to keep from getting evicted once the 30-day notice to evict in the #CARESAct ended. Congress, #DoYourJob! Help these families keep their homes. Support #COVIDRelief NOW
  • #CARESAct eviction protections expire today & millions of families don’t see any relief in sight. Congress must #GetBacktoWork & help their constituents keep roofs over their heads during #COVID19
  • #TrumpsEO did NOTHING to help with evictions & homelessness. Now, millions of families are out of time & can no longer stay in their homes. Congress must #GetBacktoWork & do what they can to help these families #stablyhouse
  • #DYK people we rely on, like home health aides & food servers, don't earn enough to afford rent. They’re now among the millions unemployed who need #RentReliefNow. #GetToWork! Ensure families #stablyhouse during & after #COVID19
  • Congress turned its backs on millions of suffering Americans who are facing evictions in the midst of #COVID19. We must pass at least $100 billion for #RentReliefNow & extend the eviction moratorium
  • 3 months ago, the House passed the #HEROESAct to expand & extend the federal eviction moratorium. What did Senate Republicans do? They unveiled a #COVID19 package that was unacceptable & inadequate. Congress, #GetBackToWork! #DoYourJob & #StopEvictions
  • Millions of families are on the verge of homelessness. The House passed the #HeroesAct 3mos ago authorizing an eviction moratorium, aid for renters, & additional stimulus to families. Congress must #GetBackToWork & pass #COVIDRelief Now
  • Congress is gambling with human life. Evictions cause generational trauma. A single eviction can create a spiraling down into poverty. Americans shouldn’t have to experience this trauma. Congress, #DoYourJob. Pass #RentReliefNow
  • If Congress fails to pass #COVIDRelief Now & housing protections, a tsunami of evictions has the potential to exacerbate our public health crisis. #GetBackToWork & give people the means to keep their housing during a pandemic  
  • #HousingisHealthcare & #housingassistance during #COVID19 should be considered as urgent a priority as investments in healthcare. Tell your senator that 88% of people want #housingstability during & after #COVID19 
  • Tell Congress that 9 in 10 people want our elected leaders to ensure #housingstability during the #coronavirus outbreak. Congress must enact critical housing investments & protections in the next #COVID19 spending bill
  • #DYK 60% of Americans think the Govt. is doing too little to make sure people can stably house during #COVID19? Tell Congress they can do more. Ask them to immediately enact critical housing protections in the next #COVID19 spending bill
  • 80% of Americans want the Govt. to provide #housingstability during the #COVID19 outbreak. Let your senator know they must do everything they can to enact critical housing investments & protections in the final #COVID19 spending bill
  • Our country can’t contain #COVID19 if millions are without homes or on the brink of homelessness. #GetBackToWork & families keep roofs over their heads during & after this pandemic. We need #RentReliefNow
  • Many renters don’t have enough $ for rent. #Rentalassistance is needed to ensure residents who are out of work & fearing eviction are stably housed during & after #COVID19. #GetBackToWork & give us #RentReliefNow
  • We need resources to protect low-income renters at high risk of #COVID19. #GetBackToWork to ensure the next stimulus package includes emergency #rentalassistance
  • It is immoral to kick families & individuals out of their homes during the pandemic. We need resources & protections for people experiencing homelessness who are endangered by #COVID19. #GetBackToWork
  • We need #COVIDRelief  NOW to keep families housed & healthy. Families should not have to choose between paying rent & food when #RentisDue. #GetBackToWork to ensure #housingstability for the lowest-income renters during #COVID19