Labor Day: BBQs, Parades . . . and Candidates

Labor Day is characterized by family BBQs, parades down Main Street, and - in many communities – appearances by candidates for elected office. Candidates use Labor Day events as opportunities to participate in state and local traditions, engage with voters, and talk about their policies and promises. The holiday is an excellent opportunity for voters to engage candidates around affordable housing and to learn where they stand on the issues.

NLIHC’s nonpartisan Our Homes, Our Votes: 2020 candidate- and voter-engagement project offers an array of resources you can use to effectively interact with candidates, including sample questions to ask. Questions like: What specifically will you do to expand access to housing assistance to every household that needs it? What will you do to end homelessness? For more questions and tips, check out the Our Homes, Our Votes candidate engagement tool kit.

Whenever possible, capture your interactions with the candidates using video, audio, and photos, and share them on social media to amplify their impact. Use #OurHomesOurVotes2020 so NLIHC and other advocates can retweet and amplify them. Send videos and photos to us at [email protected], and we will post them on