Leading Organizations from Health, Education, Civil Rights, Faith, and Environment Urge Senate to Adopt Housing Provisions in HEROES Act

The Opportunity Starts at Home multisector affordable homes campaign sent a letter on June 1 urging the Senate to adopt vital housing provisions contained in the “HEROES Act” and move with urgency towards passage of a final COVID-19 relief bill. The letter was signed by an array of leading national organizations from multiple sectors, including the American Psychological Association, Healthcare Anchor Network, National Education Association, NAACP, Natural Resources Defense Council, and many more. 

The letter contains findings from the campaign’s recent public opinion poll. The poll found that 87% of the public agrees that our elected leaders in Washington should “take major action to make sure everyone has stable, affordable housing during the coronavirus outbreak.” The poll also found that the vast majority of people across party lines believes the government should:

  • Provide emergency rental assistance for people who are struggling to afford the rent and are at serious risk of eviction as a result of the coronavirus outbreak (93% favor);
  • Expand funding for homeless assistance programs that minimize the number of people living in large shelters by providing them with alternative individual spaces for isolation and self-quarantine (90% favor); and
  • Enact a uniform, nationwide policy that stops all evictions during the coronavirus outbreak (89% favor).

Read the campaign’s letter here.

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