National Housing Law Project Updates Affordable Home on Reentry Tool

The National Housing Law Project (NHLP) updated An Affordable Home on Reentry, a tool for advocates working with people who have criminal records and are seeking access to federally assisted housing. The manual describes the admissions processes for the major housing programs and the steps for challenging a denied application. It also provides guidance to help advocates influence local policies and practices to expand housing opportunities for people involved in the criminal justice system.

The revised manual features live links and improved navigation. It covers updates in law and policy including:

  • Federal statutes and regulations governing admissions and continued occupancy for individuals with a criminal record.
  • Protections for applicants under fair housing and other civil rights laws.
  • Housing providers' access to and use of criminal records and drug rehabilitation information.
  • Consumer protections for housing applicants and a detailed look at private criminal history reports.
  • A roadmap for advocates seeking to change or improve local housing authority admissions policies.
  • Examples of partnerships between housing authorities and service providers to create housing opportunities.
  • Policy strategies to address the housing needs of individuals with criminal records.

An Affordable Home on Reentry is available at: