New Podcast Episode on Building Multi-Sector Partnerships in North Carolina

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign released a new podcast episode, “Building Multi-Sector Partnerships in North Carolina.” The episode explores the work of the campaign’s state-based affiliates in North Carolina and features Adam Sotak, community engagement director at the North Carolina-based child advocacy organization NCChild. In the episode, Mr. Sotak discusses his organization’s unique partnership with the North Carolina Housing Coalition, the opportunities and challenges of building multi-sector partnerships, best practices for organizations looking to build multi-sector coalitions, NCChild’s approach to advancing racial equity, and the ways his organization is leveraging multi-sector partnerships to advance more robust and equitable housing policies.

“What we have tried to do…is integrate the issue of safe and affordable housing for children and families into everything we do as a child advocacy organization because it is such a key part of children being able to thrive,” he explains in the episode. “We all know that affordable housing is an issue in any city or state across our country…so to us, it just makes sense to have this be a key part of the multi-issue way we are trying to make policy change in North Carolina.”

Listen to the podcast episode here.