New Report Shows How People with Disabilities Would Benefit from Housing Voucher Expansion

A recent report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “More Housing Vouchers Needed to Help People With Disabilities Afford Stable Homes in the Community,” identifies an unmet need for affordable housing among people with disabilities and explains why more housing vouchers can help people with disabilities afford stable homes. Analyzing American Community Survey data, the authors estimate that over 4 million people with disabilities live in low-income renter households spending more than half their income on rent.

To show how vouchers can help people with disabilities, the report summarizes existing research in three categories: reducing homelessness, allowing disabled people to live in the community instead of an institutional setting, and promoting choice and community inclusion. While 1.2 million people with disabilities already benefit from vouchers, expanding vouchers to all who are eligible would lift 1 million more disabled people above the poverty line, cutting poverty among people with disabilities by 25%. The report also outlines why greater access to home- and community-based services are needed in conjunction with a voucher program.

An appendix provides state-level estimates of the number of people with disabilities in severely cost-burdened, low-income renter households, broken down by age.

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