NLIHC and UFH Campaign Join National Tax March to Demand Tax Fairness and Government Transparency

United For HomesNLIHC and the United for Homes (UFH) campaign have joined with a growing list of advocacy groups – including MoveOn.Org, Indivisible, Our Revolution, American Federation of Teachers, Credo, Americans for Tax Fairness, the Center for Popular Democracy Action, Working Families, and others – to organize people from across the nation to march on Washington, DC and in more than 90 cities to demand transparency in government and fairness in our tax code. So far, more than 370,000 people plan to join the marches on April 15 – two days before the deadline to file federal income taxes.

By participating in the Tax March in Washington, DC or in your community, you can send a bold message to President Trump and Congress: everyone must pay their fair share, Mr. Trump must release his tax returns, and we need a tax system that promotes economic fairness, including a just housing policy.

The Tax March is a natural fit for NLIHC and the UFH campaign, which calls for modest reforms to the mortgage interest deduction (MID) – a $70 billion tax write-off that largely benefits high income households – to better serve low and moderate income homeowners and to reinvest the savings into providing affordable rental homes to people with the greatest needs.  Currently, through the MID and other mortgage tax expenditures, we as a nation spend more on 7 million households with incomes of $200,000 and above than we invest in housing programs that help 55 million households with incomes of $50,000 or less.

The last few months have reenergized millions of people. Phones are ringing off the hooks in Congressional offices, and town halls are overflowing. The Tax March builds on this momentum, just as Congress and the administration turn their attention to comprehensive tax reform. It is up to us to demand a fair tax system that works for everyone, especially those with the lowest incomes.

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