NLIHC Creates Outline of CDBG-DR Federal Register Notice for Residents and Advocates

NLIHC has prepared a simple outline for residents and advocates to help them understand the requirements related to an Action Plan, public participation, and reporting that must be met in order to receive and use Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds. NLIHC’s outline summarizes key features to help residents and advocates better shape a CDBG-DR grantee’s Action Plan and to monitor uses of CDBG-DR over time.

NLIHC’s outline is based on the February 9, 2018 Federal Register notice that applies to the $7.4 billion in CDBG-DR funds Congress appropriated on September 8, 2017. Of that amount, HUD awarded $5 billion to Texas, $1.5 billion to Puerto Rico, $616 million to Florida, and $243 million to the Virgin Islands.

While the outline is based on the February 9 Federal Register notice, most of the features covered are likely to apply to future Federal Register notices about new CDBG-DR funding, including one that will be published for the additional $28 billion Congress appropriated on February 9, 2018 (although that upcoming Federal Register notice will have special features about the $12 billion specifically for disaster mitigation).

NLIHC’s “Outline of the CDBG-DR Federal Register Notice” is at: