NLIHC to Host National Convening on Emergency Rental Assistance in October

NLIHC will host a national convening, “Emergency Rental Assistance: A Path to a Permanent Program,” in Washington, D.C., on October 17, 2022. The convening will bring together state, local, and research partners, officials from the Biden administration and Congress, and impacted people for a one-day exploration of the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program. Attendees will hear about lessons learned from the implementation of emergency rental assistance, as well as the programmatic, policy, and systems changes needed at all levels to establish a permanent rental assistance program that meets the needs of low-income renters. The in-person event will also be livestreamed to allow remote attendees to participate.

The convening will include presentations on national research findings regarding ERA program implementation; panel discussions with ERASE cohort members, program administrators, federal partners, and tenants on how to ensure ERA programs are visible, accessible, and preventive; and sessions focused on developing recommendations for model program design, policy reforms, and advocacy priorities to sustain ERA and ensure the permanency of eviction prevention infrastructure developed through ERA programs.

The convening’s sessions will include:

  • An Overview of ERA Research Findings with NLIHC and The Housing Initiative at Penn (HIP)
  • Successful Outreach and Marketing Strategies to Advance Equity within ERA
  • Ensuring Equitable Disbursement of Financial Support to the Lowest-Income, Most Marginalized Renters in Time to Prevent Eviction
  • Sustaining Eviction Prevention and Diversion Programs through State and Local Court Partnerships
  • The Future of Emergency Rental Assistance: Policy Reform and Advocacy

To attend the convening in person, please register here. Registration for a virtual livestream option will be available at the end of August.