NLIHC in the News for the Week of April 12

The following are some of the news stories that NLIHC contributed to during the week of April 12:

  • “Renters Are Losing Their Homes Despite Eviction Moratoriums,” Time Magazine, April 15 at:
  • “1.5M households to become 'extremely low-income' due to COVID-19,” Smart Cities Dive, April 15 at:
  • “As Millions of Workers Lose Their Jobs, Report Finds Nearly a Third of Renters Haven't Paid Rent for April,” The Root, April 13 at:
  • “Hotels sit vacant during the pandemic. But some locals don’t want homeless people moving in.” The Washington Post, April 14 at:
  • “Wisconsin has had a shortage of affordable apartments for a long time. Could the response to coronavirus 'reset' that?,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 10 at:
  • “Eviction Ban? Rent Strike? What To Do When Rent Comes Due,” Wyoming Public Media, April 10 at: