NLIHC in the News for the Week of April 22

The following are some of the news stories that NLIHC contributed to during the week of April 22:

  • “HUD Secretary Ben Carson to propose raising rent for low-income Americans receiving federal housing subsidies,” The Washington Post, April 25 at:         
  • “HUD Unveils Plan To Increase Rent On Millions Receiving Federal Housing Assistance,” National Public Radio, April 25 at:
  • “The hourly wage needed to rent a two-bedroom home in every state,” Yahoo!Finance, April 25 at:
  • “A FEMA program has sheltered thousands of Puerto Ricans since Hurricane Maria. But now the evacuees fear its days are numbered,” Los Angeles Times, April 23 at:
  • “They fled Puerto Rico; now they're 'homeless',” International, April 20 at: