NLIHC in the News for the Week of July 2

The following are some of the news stories that NLIHC contributed to during the week of July 2:

  • “Housing help for Congress? How about for people who really need it?,” op-ed by NLIHC President and CEO, USA Today, July 6 at:     
  • “The affordable housing crisis and its connection to the wage-rent gap,” op-ed by NLIHC President and CEO and Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN), The Hill - Blogs, July 6 at:
  • “Program to Spur Low-Income Housing Is Keeping Cities Segregated,” The New York Times, July 2 at:   
  • “Told to remove all families or lose funding, The Road Home is grappling with some harsh math,” The Salt Lake Tribune, July 1 at: