NLIHC in the News for the Week of June 4

The following are some of the news stories that NLIHC contributed to during the week of May 28:

  • “Rent Is Affordable to Low-Wage Workers in Exactly 12 U.S. Counties,” CityLab, June 9 at:
  • “Here’s how much you would need to afford rent in your state,” The Washington Post, June 8 at:
  • “Earn minimum wage in the US? You can afford to live in exactly 12 counties,” Yahoo! News, June 8 at:  
  • “Housing Secretary Ben Carson shrugs off massive Trump cuts to his own agency before Senate committee,” NY Daily News, June 8 at:
  • “Housing Secretary Ben Carson Clarifies Comment That Poverty Is A 'State of Mind',” National Public Radio, June 5 at: