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NLIHC in the News for the Week of October 29

The following are some of the news stories that NLIHC contributed to during the week of October 29:

  • “The GOP’s bill is ‘a sensible framework’ — but ‘still a deficit-exploding tax cut’ for the rich and corporations,” The Washington Post, November 2, at:   
  • “How the GOP mortgage interest deduction plan would hurt DC’s middle class,” The Washington Post, November 2, at:    
  •  “Winners and losers in the GOP tax plan,” The Washington Post, November 2, at:
  •  “The GOP Targets America’s Most Loved and Hated Tax Break,” The Atlantic, November 2, at:
  • “How Not to Reform the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction,” CityLab, November 2, at:
  • “How many families actually own half-million dollar homes?” The Washington Post, November 3, at: