NLIHC Provides Materials from Webinar on HUD’s Proposed Section 3 Rule

NLIHC recently held a webinar for residents of subsidized housing on the public housing-related provisions of HUD’s proposed revisions to Section 3 regulations. During the webinar, public housing and Section 8 residents provided valuable feedback to help inform NLIHC’s formal comments to HUD. The webinar slides are available at: and a recording of the webinar, which was closed-captioned, is at:  

A May 3 revised version of NLIHC’s Summary and Analysis of the proposed rule is at: 

A May 3 revised version of NLIHC’s Summary of the public housing portions of the proposed rule is at:

An easy-to-read version of the proposed rule is at:

NLIHC will provide sample comment letters next week.

Comments on the proposed rule are due June 3.

The purpose of Section 3 is to ensure that, when HUD funds are used to assist housing and community development projects, “to the greatest extent feasible” preference for some of the jobs and training opportunities created go to low-income people, particularly those who are recipients of government housing assistance. Preference for awarding contracts should also be given to businesses owned or controlled by low-income people or to businesses that hire them.