NLIHC Releases Spanish-Language Edition of Newest Issue of Tenant Talk

NLIHC released on September 22 a Spanish-language edition of the newest issue of Tenant Talk, our semi-annual newsletter created to engage tenants in housing advocacy and to highlight innovative approaches and recent victories in communities throughout the U.S. The new issue, Tenant Talk: La Vivienda Se Construye con Boletas (Housing is Built with Ballots), focuses on nonpartisan election engagement and the important role renters and affordable housing advocates can play. The new edition can be downloaded by NLIHC members and partners – as well as members of the general public – from our website for free.

Low-income renters face the greatest barriers to voting and as a result are underrepresented among voters. NLIHC’s nonpartisan Our Homes, Our Votes campaign aims to address this disparity by mobilizing low-income renters and affordable housing advocates to participate in the voting process to ensure low-income housing interests are addressed by candidates and elected officials. The new issue of Tenant Talk presents practical tips for mobilizing renters to vote and engaging candidates, as well as important state deadlines to be aware of as elections approach. Perspectives from renters and people experiencing homelessness, updates from partners of the Our Homes, Our Votes campaign, and news from NLIHC are also included.

Download the new Spanish-language edition of Tenant Talk here. (The English-language version can be downloaded here.)