No Vote on Criminal Justice Reform before Elections

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced that the House will not take a vote on criminal justice reform before the November elections. So far, the House Judiciary Committee has approved several criminal justice reform bills, but it remains unclear whether these bills will reach the House floor during this congressional session. While Speaker Ryan has indicated that he may take up some of the bills during the lame duck session in November, other lawmakers are starting to look ahead to 2017.

NLIHC and other leaders are working to ensure that any comprehensive criminal justice reform legislation addresses the significant housing needs of formerly incarcerated people. As more formerly incarcerated individuals return to their communities, there is growing concern about how they will fare upon reentry.

Resources, especially for affordable housing, are already scarce in the low-income communities where formerly incarcerated persons typically return. Because of their criminal records, justice-involved individuals face additional barriers in accessing affordable housing, putting them at risk of homelessness and subsequent recidivism.