One Week Left to Meet with Members of Congress In-District during August Recess

NLIHC urges affordable housing advocates to meet with your members of Congress while they are home in their states and districts this final week of August recess through Labor Day. Schedule an in-district meeting or site visit with your federal lawmakers or attend a town hall meeting to educate your members of Congress about the importance of affordable housing and how potential budget cuts will hurt people with low incomes. Urge them to support the highest level of federal funding possible for affordable housing, homelessness, and community development programs and to oppose harmful amendments (see related article in this Memo).

NLIHC has prepared resources that advocates can use, including our Summer/Fall 2017 Issues Guide, outlining the top five affordable housing and related issues before Congress. Other resources are available from the National Housing Week of Action “Our Homes, Our Voices” campaign, including talking points, sample op-eds, tweets, and how-to guides for setting up in-district meetings and site visits. Check out to see if and when lawmakers are holding town hall meetings you can attend.