Opportunity Starts at Home Launches Podcast on iTunes

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign launched on May 14 its own podcast, available now on iTunes.  The podcast features in-depth interviews with leading experts about how housing fundamentally shapes outcomes in such areas as healthcare, education, economic mobility, civil rights, and more.

Of all the factors that affect our ability to thrive, both economically and socially, few are more important than our homes.  The intersections between housing and other sectors are complicated, fluid, and often overlooked.  This podcast offers a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and more deeply engage with key research, concepts, and best practices. The podcast format continues to gain popularity nationwide and will enable the campaign to regularly produce new content, grow its network, raise awareness, and reach a diverse array of new stakeholders.

Currently available episodes:

  • Episode 1, “Good Housing is Good Health,” featuring Dr. Megan Sandel of Children’s HealthWatch.  Dr. Sandel explains her career journey as a pediatrician and how she became an affordable housing advocate; the various ways housing is one of the most important social determinants of health; how the housing sector and healthcare sector can do a better job of aligning efforts; why Children's HealthWatch joined the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign; and ideas about innovative policy solutions.  Mike Koprowski, national campaign director of Opportunity Starts at Home, serves as the host.
  • Episode 2, “Broadening the Affordable Housing Movement.” Senior leaders from the National Education Association, National Alliance to End Homelessness, NAACP, Community Catalyst, and Children's Defense Fund discuss the transformative nature of the campaign and explore the various ways housing influences their own work, from education and civil rights to homelessness, healthcare, and child advocacy. The panel was recorded before a live audience in Washington D.C. on May 10.  NLIHC President and CEO Diane Yentel served as moderator. 

To subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, click here.  If you do not have iTunes and want to listen directly through your browser, click here.