OSAH Campaign Releases New Podcast Episode on Housing and Environmental Justice

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign released a new podcast episode, “Housing Policy is Environmental Policy.” Episode forty-one in OSAH’s podcast series features a discussion with Dr. Sabrina Johnson, senior housing policy advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC). Dr. Johnson discusses the work of NDRC, the history of the environmental justice movement, the intersection of environmental justice and housing justice, the impact of environmental racism on communities of color, the impact of climate change, and ways to take action though advancing policy solutions. Dr. Johnson takes a deep dive into the campaign’s recently released issue brief entitled, “Housing Policy is Environmental Policy: The Complementary Aims of Fair Housing and Environmental Justice.”

The Natural Resources Defense Council participates on the campaign’s Steering Committee to deepen our understanding of the environmental justice movement and environmental policy solutions.

Listen to the podcast episode here.