Our Homes, Our Votes Launches New Website, Offers July 31 Webinar

As part of the 2018 Our Homes, Our Votes project, NLIHC has launched a new website that contains the information and resources organizations need to plan and execute successful nonpartisan voter-engagement and mobilization campaigns. The website is a one-stop-shop for information and resources on expanding registration and turnout of low income renters and affordable housing allies in the electoral process. The website features infographics, logos, an interactive form for planning a campaign, and video recordings of recent Our Homes, Our Votes webinar broadcasts.

Visit the new Our Homes, Our Votes website at: http://www.ourhomes-ourvotes.org/

Additional content will be added to the website throughout the coming months leading to Election Day. Please reach out with questions about how to best use these new resources and any suggestions on materials or updates to showcase on the website. Contact NLIHC’s field team at: [email protected]

Upcoming Webinar: The Importance of Voter Lists! A Key Tool for Successful Mobilization

The third Our Homes, Our Votes webinar will take place on July 31 at 3:00 p.m. ET and will focus on how organizations can use voter lists for mobilizing registered voters to get to the polls. Voter lists are a powerful tool that can be used for many purposes, including knowing where to find subsidized renters, having the necessary information to contact them, identifying the polling locations of registered voters, and developing strategies to remind voters to cast their ballots on Election Day. Attendees will hear from advocates who have been using voter lists to mobilize low income renters in support of ballot initiatives in California. Co-presenters will include Sharon Cornu, a strategic communications and leadership development consultant, and Jazmin Posas, a project assistant at Housing California.

Register for the webinar series at: https://bit.ly/2Op9mnc

Let’s show elected officials and candidates that housing affordability and ending homelessness are important election issues! We look forward to hearing more about your voter engagement efforts in the coming months.