PRRAC Estimates 57% of Voucher Households Live in Areas with Source-of-Income Anti-Discrimination Laws

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC) issued a research brief estimating that more than 57% of Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) households live in local jurisdictions, counties, or states that have source-of-income (SOI) anti-discrimination laws. In general, these laws prohibit landlords from refusing to rent to households that use federal HCVs or other forms of rental assistance to help them pay their rent, or that depend on Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to pay their rent. In 2018, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities used PRRAC’s database to estimate that 34% of HCV households lived in areas covered by SOI laws. PRRAC attributes the increase to the adoption of SOI laws by seven additional states and many new municipalities. Periodically, PRRAC updates its list of jurisdictions with SOI provisions, known as “Appendix B.” PRRAC notes that simply passing an SOI law is only the first step in protecting renters from SOI discrimination, because discrimination against voucher holders is still rampant, particularly in higher opportunity areas. Vigorous enforcement of SOI laws is needed, including systematic audit testing and prosecution.

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