Recording Available of NLIHC’s April 5 National Call on “HoUSed: Universal, Stable, and Affordable Housing”

During the most recent national call on HoUSed: Universal, Stable, and Affordable Housing, we received an update on the extension and enforcement of the CDC eviction moratorium, discussed the housing provisions in President Biden’s proposed “American Jobs Plan,” heard about a new study on tenant screening practices, received updates from the field and Capitol Hill, and learned about the organizing and advocacy plan to advance the HoUSed campaign.

Cara Petersen and Gabe O’Malley from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) shared new resources to aid in the enforcement of the CDC eviction moratorium. The CFPB and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will monitor and investigate eviction practices to ensure landlords and property owners are comply with federal, state, and local moratoriums. Tenants can report landlords who violate moratorium provisions on the CFPB or FTC website. Noelle Porter from the National Housing Law Project provided an update on the CDC moratorium extension through June 30, 2021.

NLIHC’s Kim Johnson provided an update from Capitol Hill and on the Biden administration’s “American Jobs Plan,” President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal that includes $213 billion “to produce, preserve, and retrofit more than two million affordable and sustainable places to live.” Tim Thompson from the Housing Justice Center shared the results of their study on tenant screening practices. We received field updates from the New York Housing Conference, the Supportive Housing Network of New York, and Texas Housers. NLIHC’s Joey Lindstrom shared strategies for advancing the HoUSed campaign with friendly legislators.

NLIHC hosts national calls every week. On today’s call, we will discuss President Biden’s budget blueprint, share insights from a new report from Eviction Lab, provide updates on legal challenges to the CDC eviction moratorium, and more. Register for tomorrow’s call (Monday, April 12 at 2:30 pm ET) at:

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