Recording Available of NLIHC’s December 14 National Call on “Coronavirus, Disasters, Housing, and Homelessness”

During last week’s national call on coronavirus, disasters, housing, and homelessness, we received updated estimates on total back rent and utilities owed, heard about a new equity-based decision-making assessment, and discussed the state of COVID-19 relief negotiations on Capitol Hill.

Mark Zandi from Moody’s Analytics shared new research on the estimated back rent accrued during the pandemic. According to the study, approximately $69.7 billion in back rent, late fees, and utilities have accumulated and, without an extension of the CDC’s moratorium, will come due January 2021. Brittani Manzo of National Innovation Service (NIS) shared the new equity-based decision-making assessment tool. The tool, which is part of NIS’s equity-based decision-making framework, provides concrete steps for organizations making equity-based decisions in policies, projects, and other processes.

We received field updates from the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition and Housing Action New Hampshire. NLIHC’s Sarah Saadian shared updates from the Hill on the state of an appropriations package and the latest coronavirus relief proposal. NLIHC is advocating for the CDC to extend the eviction moratorium or for Congress to pass a statutory moratorium in the interim.

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