Representative Lee Introduces “Housing Bill of Rights” Resolution

On the final day of the Our Homes, Our Voices National Housing Week of Action, Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced a House resolution calling for a “Housing Bill of Rights” to declare that all renters deserve safe, affordable and decent homes.

The resolution affirms housing as a basic human right and calls for bold congressional action. Specifically, the resolution calls for significant investments in affordable housing to combat homelessness and housing poverty by lifting the low spending caps required by the 2011 Budget Control Act that would limit funding for critical HUD programs and by ensuring that any infrastructure package includes $5 billion for the national Housing Trust Fund and $70 billion for the Public Housing Capital Fund. The resolution also calls on the House to affirm that renters should not be barred from federally assisted housing solely on the basis of criminal records and to support renters’ rights to organize tenant associations.

In a tweet, Representative Lee pointed to homelessness rates in her district, which have risen by 43% in recent years, as evidence that increased federal funding is needed.   

Read the full resolution at: