Resolution Recognizing Service Coordinators Introduced in House

On September 17, Representatives Steve Strivers (R-OH) and Joyce Beatty (D-OH) introduced resolution H. Res. 729 designating September 19, 2014 as National Service Coordinator Day. The resolution recognizes the assistance that service coordinators provide to elderly and low income families. September 19 marks the 15th anniversary of the incorporation of the American Association of Service Coordinators, a national organization headquartered in Ohio that supports, trains, and promotes service coordinators. H. Res. 729 was referred to the Committee on Financial Services.

The resolution notes that service coordinators serve more than one million low income people, helping them achieve housing stability, income growth, improved job and parenting skills, better after-school care for their children, and a faster path to economic self-sufficiency. Service coordinators enable seniors to age in-place rather than move to nursing homes, and they help disabled people live more independently. Low income households assisted by service coordinators report greater satisfaction with their living environment and a stronger sense of connection to their communities. Service coordinators also benefit developers by addressing and defusing tenant crises that might otherwise lead to property damage or eviction.

The resolution is at