Sample Comment Letter and Sign-On Letter to Protect Disparate Impact Rule

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) has prepared a sample comment letter and a more detailed sign-on letter in response to HUD’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comments regarding possible amendments to the Fair Housing Act disparate impact standard (see Memo, 5/14). Comments are due August 20. 

NLIHC and other fair housing advocates urge all advocates to submit a comment letter, no matter how brief, in support of the existing Disparate Impact rule without amendments. As a preview, comment letters should echo a paragraph in NFHA’s sample letter:

“In its current form, the Disparate Impact Rule is not only strong and effective, but it is also consistent with the standard set out in the 2015 Supreme Court decision in the Inclusive Communities case. It does not need to be revised. Instead, HUD must focus on vigorous enforcement of the Rule to remove unnecessary barriers to housing choice throughout our housing markets.”

Read NFHA’s sign-on letter here

Sign on to NHFA’s letter here.

Read NHFA’s sample comment letter here.