Senate Begins Process for Setting HUD Funding for FY19

The Senate Appropriations Committee will begin this week its process for setting FY19 funding levels for affordable housing and community development programs at HUD. The Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Subcommittee is scheduled to vote on a draft bill on June 5, with a full committee vote on June 7.

When the Senate bill is released, NLIHC will analyze and compare the bill to President Trump’s budget request and the House version, which was approved by the full House Appropriations Committee on May 23.

The House’s proposed bill maintains the 10% increase in HUD funding that advocates and congressional champions secured in FY18, with modest additional increases for FY19. In a clear rejection of the president’s call to drastically cut housing investments, the House version provides more than $11 billion above the president’s FY19 request. It also rejects the harmful rent increases, rigid work requirements, and de facto time limits proposed by the president in his FY19 budget request and by subsequent legislation. Despite new resources and overall increased funding available to HUD, the amounts provided in the House bill are likely not enough to renew all existing Housing Choice Vouchers and project-based rental assistance contracts. It is critical that the Senate bill further increase funding levels to ensure HUD programs can renew all housing assistance contracts.

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