Short Video Explains Fair Housing Disparate Impact

The Oregon Law Center has produced a two-and-a-half-minute video introducing the concept of fair housing disparate impact for a general audience. Although written to inform Oregon landlords and public housing agencies, the video would be useful to advocates nationally.

The video, funded through a grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust, provides examples of landlord policies that might have a disparate impact, refers to the Supreme Court decision upholding the disparate impact theory (see Memo, 6/29/15), and explains the three-pronged test that U.S. Courts of Appeals have used over the years and that was written into HUD’s disparate impact rule (see Memo, 2/8/13).

Note: Early in the video the narrator states that it is against the law for a landlord to reject someone who gets rental assistance; this “source of income” protection is not available in many states and localities.

The video is at:

More information about disparate impact is on page 7-1 of NLIHC’s 2016 Advocates’ Guide,