Sign Letter Calling for Affordable Housing in Next Presidential Debate

Presidential candidates are addressing the issue of housing affordability in America like never before – in the most recent presidential debates and on the campaign trail, in town hallsforumscoffees, and beyond. Many have released major plans or other proposals to address the housing crisis, and others are coming soon. But more is needed – we call on the moderators of the next debate to ensure the issue of affordable homes is prominently featured!

Add your organization to a national letter urging ABC, Univision, and the moderators of the next presidential debate to ask the candidates about the dire shortage of affordable homes in America and what they will do to address it!

Our nation is facing a severe lack of affordable homes, especially for the lowest-income households. There are fewer than four homes affordable and available to every ten of these households, nearly 8 million of the poorest families are spending more than half of their incomes on their housing, and over half a million people are homeless on any given night. The shortage of affordable homes negatively impacts our economic wellbeing, health, educational success, and so much more.

Recent national public opinion polling shows the American people want to know what the candidates will do about housing affordability - nearly 8 in 10 say the president should “take major action” to make housing more affordable for low-income families, and 76% say they are more likely to vote for a candidate with a detailed plan.

Add your organization to the national letter calling for affordable housing to be addressed directly in the next presidential debate!

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