Sign Onto Letter Urging HUD to Prioritize Housing for those with Lowest Incomes Impacted by Disasters under CDBG-DR

The NLIHC-led Hurricane Housing Recovery Coalition drafted a new sign-on letter urging HUD to ensure that CDBG Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) resources be targeted towards housing for the low income people who have the greatest recovery needs. This letter opposes recommendations sent by members of the Texas delegation to HUD Secretary Carson urging HUD to:

  • Change regulations around the use of CDBG-DR funds, allowing scare resources to be diverted away from survivors with the greatest needs to go to households with less severe needs;
  • Allow states to divert CDBG-DR funds away from housing needs, and thereby avoid addressing the full scope of the storms' impact; and
  • Reduce the public comment period required for the use of CDBG-DR funds, blocking survivors from engaging in the recovery process that will directly impact their families and communities.

Please sign your organization onto this letter calling for equitable disaster recovery and the continuation of current regulations around the use of CDBG-DR funds. The deadline to sign is Thursday, October 19.