“Spring into Action” with NLIHC to Oppose Budget Cuts!

NLIHC’s “Spring into Action” mobilization effort is underway! For the next week, we urge advocates to join us in mobilizing to oppose deep budget cuts and push Congress to invest in affordable housing and homelessness programs at the scale needed! 

Be creative! Make a visual art piece, write a haiku, record a video, highlight data showing the impact of proposed cuts, or come up with your own idea to educate congressional leaders about why affordable housing and homelessness programs are essential to your community and how proposed budget cuts would harm your family and neighbors. Then post your work on social media using the hashtags #CutsHurt and #SpringIntoAction from now until May 19, being sure to tag your member of Congress and @NLIHC! 

NLIHC is also offering additional resources you can use to start planning:  

  • Use NLIHC’s Legislative Action Center to host an email campaign to send a message to members of Congress. The tool allows advocates to customize the email template with a poem or other creative written message. 
  • Facing writer’s block? Use the prompts in NLIHC’s storytelling resource, “Storytelling Tips and Tricks,” to find a topic for your creative piece. 
  • If you have a multimedia piece you would like to share with your congressional office but cannot submit via the online form, please send it to [email protected].  

Please contact [email protected] with questions.