Survey Finds No Public Consensus on Raising or Lowering Tenant Contributions in Federal Housing Assistance Programs

Voice of the People and the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation conducted a survey to gauge the attitudes of Americans toward federal poverty programs – including public housing – and possible policy changes. The survey found no clear consensus among respondents about increasing, lowering, or maintaining at current levels tenants’ contributions in federal housing assistance programs.

The survey included a “policymaking simulation,” in which respondents were briefed on a policy issue, presented policy options, and made their recommendations. The researchers surveyed individuals on whether the income-share paid by tenants receiving federal housing assistance should be set higher or lower than 30% of their incomes, the current standard, or be kept the same. More than 7,000 individuals responded to the survey.  Thirty-six percent supported raising the contributions to 35% of tenants’ income, 35% supported keeping contributions at 30%, and 28% supported lowering contributions to 25%.

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