Take Action! Join Advocates for Today's Twitterstorm & Next Week's National Call-In Day

NLIHC CTATell your members of Congress to pass final spending bills for FY17 before the April 28 deadline and to protect affordable housing investments.

Lawmakers must pass spending bills by April 28 to avoid a government shutdown. Failure to pass full spending bills puts vital investments in affordable housing and community development at risk. By participating in today’s twitter storm and a national call-in day on April 26, you can urge Congress to pass a clean budget and protect critical investments.

Twitter Storm Today at 3pm ET

Please join NLIHC and the Clean Budget Coalition—a group of more than 200 organizations—to urge Congress to pass full-year FY17 spending bills, free from harmful policy riders, during a Twitter storm today, April 19 from 3 pm to 4 pm ET.

Sample Tweets:

  • Affordable housing investments serve low income seniors, veterans, ppl with disabilities, those who are homeless, and more. #CleanBudget
  • America is stronger when we have decent, affordable homes & stable communities. Pass a #CleanBudget that fully funds these investments.
  • Families thrive bc of housing & community development investments at HUD and USDA. Congress must pass a #CleanBudget.
  • With affordable homes, families can climb the economic ladder and kids do better in school. Invest in kids by passing a #CleanBudget.
  • Affordable housing is linked to better health. Passing a #CleanBudget will make our communities healthier.
  • Housing impacts health, education, and economic mobility. Pass a #CleanBudget that fully funds affordable housing http://bit.ly/2ljnEed
  • HUD investments led to ½ million jobs in 2015 and provided homes to 5 million families. Pass a #CleanBudget http://bit.ly/2ljnEed
  • Thanks to HUD and USDA, millions of families have a place to call home. Pass a #CleanBudget now http://bit.ly/2ljnEed
  • Federal investments in affordable housing boost the economy in your state. Pass a #CleanBudget now http://bit.ly/2ljnEed

National Call-In Day on April 26

NLIHC and the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding will hold a national call-in day on April 26. Tell your members of Congress to pass final spending bills for FY17 before the April 28 deadline and to protect affordable housing investments. Share any impacts you have on how the current budget uncertainty has hurt your community.

Sample Script:

Please work with your colleagues to pass a final spending bill for FY17 that protects affordable housing investments at HUD and USDA. These resources keep roofs over the heads of low income families, seniors, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable people. And it’s a smart investment because affordable housing leads to better health and education outcomes and boosts economic mobility and the local economy. Our communities are stronger because of HUD and USDA. Please do not put these resources at risk by failing to pass full-year spending bills by the April 28 deadline.

To Contact your Members of Congress:

  1. Call the congressional switchboard toll free at 202-224-3121, or
  2. Visit NLIHC's website and enter your zip code in the Contact Congress box on the right.