TAKE ACTION: Vital Safety Net Programs at Risk! Sign letters opposing harmful spending cuts

NLIHC Call To ActionSign letters urging Congress to reject harmful spending cuts to important federal programs that serve low income families

Tight federal spending caps in FY18 will impose deep cuts to important nondefense discretionary (NDD) programs, including key federal housing programs at HUD and USDA. Join advocates from around the country in calling on Congress to stop these harmful spending cuts that will only leave low income families worse off.


In 2011, Congress passed the Budget Control Act, which set in motion very low spending caps on key federal programs. Since then, Congress and the White House have reached short-term agreements to provide limited budgetary relief—equally to both defense and non-defense programs. In FY18, the low spending caps will return with devastating impacts on affordable housing programs. These cuts will only make it more difficult for low income individuals, such as seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and families with children to secure accessible and affordable housing.


Join advocates from many sectors around the country by signing letters urging Congress to reject harmful spending cuts and to protect vital safety net programs, including those that help provide housing, healthcare, and food security to some of our nation’s most vulnerable residents.

SAVE for All Letter (deadline: January 5)

NLIHC is a member of the SAVE for All campaign. This letter urges Congress to protect low income people, and the many programs that address their needs in the coming year.

View and sign the letter at: http://bit.ly/2gFQlvc

NDD United Letter (deadline: January 27)

NLIHC serves on the Steering Committee of NDD United. This letter urges Congress to lift the spending caps and to provide equal treatment for defense and non-defense programs, including affordable housing programs at HUD and USDA.

View and sign the letter at: http://bit.ly/2gg1Tom

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