Taking Action for the UFH Campaign

 Working for change is sometimes a daunting task, especially when trying to influence members of today’s polarized Congress. NLIHC provides tools to make advocating for the United for Homes (UFH) campaign more effective.

On the “Resources” page on the UFH website under the “Advocate Effectively” section, users can download and print scripts to use when calling on Senate and House members to support the UFH solutions to homelessness and housing poverty. The scripts include an overview of the UFH campaign and its proposal—modest reforms to the mortgage interest deduction that would give 15 million lower income homeowners a new tax break and would generate $241 billion in savings to invest in affordable housing for people with the greatest needs—and effective language for urging members of Congress to take action. 

Also available in this section is a one-pager listing six ways advocates can support the campaign. The one-pager can be shared on social networks or printed and displayed when exhibiting at a conference. The six ways to support the UFH campaign are:

  1. Endorse the UFH campaign by signing the petition at: www.unitedforhomes.org
  2. Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor legislation that supports rebalancing housing resources.
  3. Ask your state and local government officials to endorse the UFH campaign.
  4. Invite NLIHC staff to present at your next community outreach and share UFH research with your community.
  5. Share your experiences and thoughts about the UFH campaign on social media and in opinion letters.
  6. Celebrate your victories by sharing news on supporters, media attention, or Congressional office visits through social media or with NLIHC staff.

Visit the UFH campaign website at: http://www.unitedforhomes.org/