Teachers Are Increasingly Unable to Afford Housing

An article published by EdSurge shares the story of Carrie Rodgers, a long-time educator in Eagle County, Colorado, who has struggled to stay stably housed in her rural community. The article discusses the impact of the lack of affordable housing on Rodgers’s career as an educator, as well as her need to hold additional jobs to afford housing and her worries about falling behind on others bills. The article foregrounds the increasing anxiety felt by educators who are trying to afford housing in their communities and draws attention to the fact that many teachers are forced to move away from their teaching districts and that, in consequence, more schools are struggling to retain teachers. The article also highlights the impacts of reduced teacher retention rates on students of color and other students who are often marginalized. “Teachers have been found to be the single most important in-school determinant of a student’s success,” explains the article. “Yet when they leave, some students are more likely to suffer than others, according to decades of data: students of color, English language learners, students from low-income families, and students with disabilities are more likely to be taught by inexperienced and less-qualified educators.” Read the article here