Tell Members of Congress to Oppose Cuts to Housing Benefits

The House Financial Services Committee will vote on Tuesday, July 24 on the “Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act” (H.R. 2069), introduced by Representative Mike Turner (R-OH). The bill would cut housing benefits by imposing work and other requirements on youth aging out of the foster care system. If enacted, the bill would set a troubling and unacceptable precedent for all struggling families who rely on housing benefits to afford to keep roofs over their heads.  If your representative sits on the House Financial Services Committee, call them today and urge that they oppose H.R. 2069.


Representative Turner’s bill imposes new burdens – the first ever for individuals who rely on federal housing benefits – including work, education, training and self-sufficiency requirements. While the bill provides a grace period for individuals who are unable to meet these requirements, the legislation would set a troubling and unacceptable precedent.

H.R. 2069 is part of a larger effort by the Trump administration and conservative members of Congress to punish low income people by taking away housing, healthcare, and nutrition benefits if they are unable to meet rigid work requirements and other harmful burdens.

Read the national letter signed by NLIHC and other housing, children’s, and child welfare organizations in opposition to the bill.