United for Homes Webinar on Racial Equity and Mortgage Interest Deduction Reform

United for Homes endorsers are invited to join a webinar, “Housing, Racial Equity, and United for Homes,” on June 14 at 2 pm ET. Guest presenters from NLIHC and a number of United for Homes endorsers will discuss how the campaign’s solutions to the affordable housing crisis would result in greater racial justice and opportunity for their respective communities.

NLIHC Vice President for Research Andrew Aurand will present key findings of NLIHC’s 2015 report, “A Rare Occurrence: The Geography and Race of Mortgages Over $500,000,” which illustrates the extremely low percentage of large mortgages held by blacks and Hispanics in America. Other presenters on the webinar include Lot Diaz, vice president for housing and community development at the National Council of La Raza; Anj Chaudhry, director of organizing for the National Coalition for Asian and Pacific American Community Development; and Pinky Clifford, executive director of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Partnership for Housing. Presenters will share their perspective on the importance of the United for Homes policy proposals for racial equity and will respond to questions.  

United for Homes webinars highlight best practices for advocacy and provide a broader understanding of how mortgage interest deduction reform is helpful to social movements focused on more than just housing. The most recent webinar in May, “Take It to the States! MID Reform is Not Just a Federal Issue,” provided campaign overviews and updates from California and Oregon, where statewide legislation to reform the MID is moving through their respective legislatures. Jerome Brooks from Oregon Opportunity Network and Tyrone Buckley from Housing California shared how advocates in their states are taking action. Watch the May webinar here.  

Future webinars will feature guest experts, policymakers, advocates, and researchers on topical issues. All UFH webinars are available on the UFH website at: http://www.unitedforhomes.org/webinars/

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