Updated Housing Mobility Program Report Describes Features of 28 Mobility Programs Nationwide

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC) released an updated report, Housing Mobility Programs in the U.S. 2022, that provides a detailed list of housing mobility programs around the country. Housing mobility programs are operated by housing authorities and nonprofit organizations and offer counseling and other services for voucher-holders to help them find housing in high-opportunity neighborhoods. The updated report covers 28 programs, nine of them recently established as part of HUD’s Community Choice Demonstration project. The aim of the project is to increase access to low-poverty neighborhoods for families, specifically those with young children.

For each program, the report provides details about the surrounding region, including the population, share of voucher families in low-poverty tracts, share of units affordable to voucher holders in low-poverty tracts, and number of public housing agencies. The report also provides details about each existing mobility program, including the services offered, number of mobility staff, definition of mobility neighborhoods, and funding sources for each program, as well as contact information for program staff.

The report can be accessed at: https://bit.ly/3OQxu1K