Urban Institute Launches Disability Equity Policy Initiative Highlighting the Need for Housing for People with Disabilities

The Urban Institute (Urban) launched a new Disability Equity Policy Initiative (DEPI) to elevate the expertise of researchers with disabilities and generate research to improve the lives of people with disabilities. As part of the initiative, Urban hosted a webinar on October 12, “Launching Urban’s Disability Equity Policy Initiative: A Conversation on Including Disability in Research,” highlighting the importance of disability inclusion in data collection as a first step in advancing disability justice. The webinar included staff from The Kelsey – an NLIHC partner focused on ensuring housing for people with disabilities – and explored at length policies related to housing for people with disabilities.

The webinar included two panels featuring researchers with disabilities and advocates discussing the strengths and challenges facing disability policy advocates. Sue Popkin, co-director of Urban’s DEPI and a researcher with a disability, highlighted a needs assessment Urban conducted with The Kelsey and the urgent need for affordable housing for disabled people. Allie Cannington of The Kelsey discussed the need to compile and integrate disability data in equity research. Among the challenges faced by disability equity researchers are the wide range of federal definitions of “disability” and the exclusion of people with disabilities – especially chronic disabilities – from research institutions.

Ensuring housing for people with disabilities is an NLIHC priority. According to NLIHC’s 2022 Gap report, 19% of households include a person with a disability. NLIHC continues to advocate for affordable, accessible, and safe housing for people with disabilities.

View the webinar here: https://urbn.is/3fUrVlw