Urban Institute Releases Data from Longitudinal Land-Use Survey

The Urban Institute released the 2019 National Longitudinal Land Use Survey (NLLUS), which includes data on land-use regulations and planning practices in 1,703 jurisdictions. In 2019, a survey was sent to city and county planners in every jurisdiction in the 50 largest metropolitan areas. The survey included information about affordable housing incentives, inclusionary zoning requirements, residential zoning density, impact fees, and accessory dwelling units. The 2019 survey was produced and administered in collaboration with Rolf Pendall, who also administered the survey in 1994 and 2003. The Urban Institute Data Catalog allows users to compare responses over the 25-year period and observe how zoning practices have changed.

Alongside the dataset that includes the responses from the 1994, 2003, and 2019 surveys, the Urban Institute also released a brief that describes the topics covered, the data, and the respondents in each iteration. An interactive dashboard is also available that allows users to quickly explore highlights from the dataset.

The full dataset is available at: https://urbn.is/2Kbx2Lq

The introductory brief is available at: https://urbn.is/2NYQjRv

The interactive dashboard is available at: https://urbn.is/33EWOzE