Urge Others to Join Cause to End Housing Poverty and Homelessness in America

NLIHC urges all our members to enlist others to join our cause of ending housing poverty and homelessness in America by becoming an NLIHC member. Every new member further supports our work and strengthens our voice on Capitol Hill.

NLIHC’s cutting-edge research report, The 2016 Affordable Housing GAP Analysis, reveals the extent of the housing crisis for the poorest people in America, the shortage of 7.2 million affordable rental units available to the most vulnerable. It shows that nationwide there are 10.4 million extremely low income households, and just 3.2 million rental homes that are affordable and available to them.

Half a million people are experiencing homelessness in America, and another 7.8 million of the poorest households spend more than half of their incomes on housing. These households include children, seniors, disabled veterans, and hard-working low-wage workers living in poverty. With at least half of their income going to pay rent each month, they have little left for food, health care, transportation, and other necessities. They are one paycheck, one health care emergency, one unexpected expense away from homelessness.

NLIHC is dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes. Our members from all across the U.S. include concerned individuals, statewide advocacy organizations, tenant organizers, homeless service agencies, social service providers, affordable housing developers, community development organizations, government agencies, students, researchers, and low income residents. We are united by our conviction that ending housing poverty and homelessness in America is possible if we work together.

Please share this message with friends, colleagues, and partner organizations and urge them to join us in our work to end homelessness and housing poverty. Solutions to the crisis exist – we must build the political will to fund them at scale. Working together, our voices will be heard in Washington.

Individuals and organizations can join NLIHC at: http://nlihc.org/membership