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White House Creates Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Reentry

President Trump announced on March 7 the creation of a Federal Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Improving Reentry. The new Interagency Council will bring together 11 different federal departments and agencies, including HUD, to identify policies and programs that will reduce crime rates and recidivism by addressing barriers, including lack of access to housing, faced by people with criminal records.

The executive order states that the federal government is obligated to reduce crime, enhance public safety, and “prioritize efforts to prevent youths and adults from entering or reentering the criminal justice system.” The Council will develop recommendations for reforms to analyze effective ways to overcome barriers or disincentives to participation in programs related to education, housing, job placement, and other efforts to re-integrate offenders into society.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy Andrew Bremberg, and Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner will serve as the co-chairs. The council will submit an initial plan and timeline within 90 days and a report with recommendations within the next year.